Intentionally growing in love.

Who are we

Who are we?

We are Mark and Lauren Donker. We are almost clocking 12 years together. We’ve been married for eight years with two precious additions to our family, our son Joshua and daughter, Zoe – and a third on a way in 2021. Whilst we are still early in our marriage journey, a passion for seeing our own and others’ marriages thrive has been growing in our hearts. We have been reading, journaling, talking, praying and learning how to make our own relationship stronger day by day.

In this instant gratification generation, there is little regard for patience and perseverance. A healthy marriage takes effort and commitment over time.

It struck us one day when making renovation plans, how much detail, money and time we were putting into our home. Yes, the home we live in is important to our relationship, but do we ever sit down and take the time to make a “plan” for our marriage? If there is no common goal, what will keep us together in the face of trouble? Are we just hoping for the best? Surely the marriages that last don’t reach those heights by chance? Why wait until the road gets rocky to make changes in your marriage? We want to do everything in our power to protect and “bulletproof” our marriage NOW.

Our writing and experiences will come from the perspective of our faith in Jesus Christ. The Lord is definitely the glue that holds and draws us together each time things come our way. We believe that His love binds us together as one.

Our children are now intricately braided into the fibers of our marriage and there is nothing more motivating than that to make our relationship the best it can be. We believe having children shouldn’t dampen the fire of your love, but inspire you to let the sparks fly again. We are seizing this opportunity to ignite a roaring blaze that he and our future children can watch on with wonder and bask in the warmth of.

The knowledge and advice we offer here is purely journalistic. We are not qualified counselors or therapists, and we understand your views and values may differ from ours. But we hope that if you’re reading this page or following @lovesaltlight that we simply have the same desire to intentionally grow in love. We are so excited that you found your way here!

“The greatest thing to bring security to the heart of a child is to see Mum and Dad in love.”

– David Wilkerson
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More about us…

I (Mark) thought it would be fun to share 10 random facts you might not know about each of us so you can get to know the real us!!


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