Intentionally growing in love.

Georgie & Shaun


Hello! We are Georgie and Shaun Doherty. We first met in 2012 and have been married for 5 years. We both loved education so much so that we never left school! We are high school teachers with Shaun teaching health and P.E and Georgie teaching Art and Design. We live in Melbourne, near the bushy hills and have three huge, fluffy collie dogs that need walking everyday.



GD: I first met Shaun when I was working in hospitality through Uni. He was at a friend’s going away party at the venue I was waitressing at and I immediately noticed him in the crowd! He was so nice to talk to me ALOT throughout the evening and we found that we had lots in common in our love for health and fitness and also teaching. We added each other on facebook, but nothing evolved from that night because even though Shaun was lovely I was so busy with Uni and work that I wasn’t looking for a relationship. But then 18 months later I reached out to Shaun in a message! I had never forgotten about this boy at the bar, and I was prompted by a photo that appeared on my facebook feed. I asked him if he remembered me and if he wanted to catch up for coffee. He said “how I could I forget you!”. We actually ended up meeting for sushi. And within two weeks we were dating, and within 8 months he had proposed!

SD: Georgie and I met at a bar that she was working at. I was there for a friends going away party and she was working on the door. There was something about Georgie that drew me to her and I knew I had to talk to her. We spent a few hours chatting, even though she had a job to do and I was there for a friends party. Unfortunately Georgie had a boyfriend so we exchanged facebook details (which was the thing to do at the time) and went our separate ways. About 6 months later she messaged me asking if I remembered her and wondering if I would like to meet up for a coffee.

We met up in the city, had sushi, helped her find some boots she had been wanting to buy, then dropped her at a friends gathering. I knew as soon as she got out of my car at the end of our date that I wanted to marry her.

About a year later I proposed to her in which I basically re-enacted our very first date. I’d love to sav how romantic the proposal was and that Georgie didn’t see it coming. we did things a little unconventional… We had already booked the wedding venue, had Georgie’s ring made, and decided that our Safari holiday in Africa we had booked months prior, would now become our honeymoon. So as you can probably judge by all of this, Georgie knew the proposal was imminent!!



GD: Shaun and I always plan activities on the weekends to do with each other. It helps that we are both interested in the same things, we love to be outdoors and in nature. Usually a Saturday afternoon is our time to go for a walk, a swim, to the beach or find a new beer garden (Shaun loves boutique craft beer breweries). Sometimes I will want to go visit and Art Gallery or Shaun will want to watch Melbourne at the MCG – neither of which really interest the other person. But we go together anyway! I’m now finding more appreciation for football and rugby! Shaun and I both LOVE healthy food. Who ever is home from work first puts on the dinner while the other makes our lunches for the next day.

SD: Georgie and I are very intentional with the time we spend together. Every weekend we make it a priority to try a new activity together and experience something that neither of us ever tried before. We also try to make sure we continue to do the fundamentals, such as having dinner together every night with the TV turned off to talk about our day and connect.



GD: Our favourite go to date for the evening is going to Hunky Dory and getting the Salmon Pack with sweet potato fries (they’re amazing!) at Eastland. It’s so quick, easy and affordable with a great roof top bar next door at the Cellar – which is good in summer. During the day time our perfect date is definitely going for a walk on some of the track in Olinda. We will usually come home after gym on a Saturday, have our lunch then head off up the mountain. Recently it’s been a bit tricky because I’ve had an injury in my foot. So instead we have been going swimming in the outdoor pool.

SD: Georgie loves the Rhododendron gardens in Olinda and to be honest I’ve grown pretty fond of it too!! We’ll often go there for a walk in the afternoon and have a picnic. We’ll then go to one of our favourite places for dinner- Hunky Dory, followed by a drink to finish the evening at the Cellar Door.



GD: The best piece of advice I have learnt in marriage is the importance of learning each persons communication styles. For us Shaun is very articulate and aware of how he feels, he will like to talk about things straight away. For me I need more time and find writing my thoughts down first or being prompted with questions is more helpful! Knowing these things has made any uneasiness around communication much simpler and understanding. We also both know the necessity and clarity that comes from prayer, especially when we are making big decisions about where to build our home, moving jobs or starting a family. Shaun will often tell me what he is praying for. I was also told at our wedding to ‘never go to bed on an argument’. I dont’ agree with this anymore. I think if you’re tired, and emotional the best thing to do is get a good night’s sleep and sort it out in the morning!

SD: It sounds cliche’ but open communication is first and foremost how we manage to get through ups and downs. I think we’re both very good at being vulnerable and being able to lean on one another for support. Marriages aren’t always 50/50, one partner might be going through some things and the marriage will naturally revolve around that for a while. I think we’re both pretty good at recognising this and are able to love and support the other during times of need. Our faith and values of kindness, compassion, empathy and generosity toward not only each other, but friends and family, also help keep our marriage strong.
And of course, having a supportive network of friends and family is vital.