Intentionally growing in love.

Our next date is…


We designed this fridge whiteboard earlier this year for ourselves to serve as a daily reminder to ensure we always had an upcoming date planned. I’m a big diary gal and still use good old pen and paper to write everything down, plus I’m a school teacher so whiteboards are my bread and butter!

With work, two little kids and all else life brings, dates and quality time together can easily get put on the back burner. In our heads we know we want/need date nights and days but the weeks/months/years are flying by in our current season so we want to be intentional about locking in time ALONE together. Our mantra for dates is always PLAN IT, PRIORITIZE IT, PROTECT IT.

We strive to always have a special date once a month where we set aside a half/whole day and take turns to plan something really unique and fun!

The board has helped us both to see whether or not we have an upcoming date planned or whether we need to get something locked in asap.
It also doubles as a cute spot to leave quick love notes to each other!

For all the details and to purchase one, please head to the Etsy link below.
Pleases note this is currently open for pre-order so the item will take 2-3 weeks to get into your hands.

Could be a sweet little stocking filler for Christmas for your love or friends around you!

We hope you find it useful and love it as much as we do,

Mark and Lauren